Socio-Cultural Orientations and Managerial Practices in Six Philippine Banks

  • Jasmin E. Acuna UP Ceasar EA Virata School of Business


  This study of six banks, three privately owned and three government banks, was done to determine if there are significant differences in the socio-cultural orientations and internal work culture of these organizations.  If there are significant differences, how did these differences impact on job design, supervisory practices and rewards allocation.

 Initially we looked at the differences among banks and then, between type of banks.  We found that banks differed on power distance, masculinity, and paternalism.

 We also found out that privately owned banks tended to have higher power distance and uncertainty avoidance.  The employees of privately owned banks sought more responsibility and had higher levels of both supervisory and self control.  They participated more in both extrinsic and intrinsic rewards and had more training and development opportunities