The Relationship Among Learning Orientation, Market Orientation, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and Firm Performance of Vietnam Marketing Communications Firms

  • Hoang Cuu Long University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City
Keywords: learning orientation, market orientation, entrepreneurial orientation, firm performance, marketing communications


This paper examines the relationship among learning orientation, market orientation and entrepreneurial orientation and how these affect firm performance in a transition economy like in Vietnam. A model incorporating the key determinants was tested with a sample of 642 owners, senior managers and CEOs in Vietnam marketing communications firms. Structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to analyze the collected data. The results showed that entrepreneurial orientation and market orientation have a positive impact on firm performance. However, the relationship between learning orientation and firm performance in Vietnam marketing communications firms is not significant. In addition, the results also suggest that senior managers, CEOs, as well as owners in Vietnam marketing communications firms should recognize the importance of concepts in dynamic capabilities to improve their competitiveness into the market-orientation economy. A major limitation of this study is the examination of only three concepts that impact on Vietnam marketing communications firm performance: entrepreneurial orientation, market orientation and learning orientation. Several other concepts of dynamic capabilities may be investigated in other industries apart from marketing communication firms.