Supply Chain Management Practices and Challenges: Case Studies of Four Supply Chains

  • Ma. Gloria V. Talavera UP Cesar E.A. Virata School of Business
Keywords: Supply chain management, supply chain collaboration, supply chain operations, coordination mechanisms


This study aims to present the supply chain management (SCM) practices of four supply chains, three of which are located in the Philippines (petroleum, semiconductor, and automotive) while one (toy manufacturing) is based in Malaysia. These companies were compared in terms of their supply chain management strategies as well as their differences in the areas of supply management, demand management, and logistics management. Their strategies pertaining to supply chain collaboration, supply chain operation, and coordination mechanisms were also compared. The extent of adoption of collaboration strategies and information technology in their supply chain operations was also investigated. Respondent firms were then compared using an SCM positioning grid. The supply chain challenges encountered by these companies and the strategies they employ to address them were also investigated.

Results show that despite the differences in industry context, the four supply chains generally face similar challenges and problems in demand, supply, and logistics management. Despite the respondent firms’ different positioning in the SCM grid, the four supply chains implemented almost the same measures to address their supply chain challenges.