Individual Attribution of Group Performance Among University Students in Metro Manila: There is an “I” in Team

  • Jose Gerardo O. Santamaria UP College of Business Administration


This paper investigates individual attribution of group performance among university students in Metro Manila. Two methods were used to understand the attributions that individuals make of their group performance outcome after receiving feedback; the open-ended thought-listing technique and a structured method. Sixty-three students from a convenience sample participated in the study. Participants who received positive feedback rated their own groups higher and generated more positive thoughts about their groups as a whole than those participants who received negative feedback. Those who received negative feedback also generated more negative thoughts about their groups as a whole and towards other members of the group. The conclusions from the two methods were the same: in success, attributions were made more towards the team as a whole, while in failure, there was a tendency for individuals to separate themselves from the group.

Author Biography

Jose Gerardo O. Santamaria, UP College of Business Administration

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior